Program Overview

We believe that skill enhancement leads to a better—and safer—on-hill experience, as well as adding to the social fabric of the Club. As a result, The Heights Ski & Country Club offers an extensive range of on-hill programs with attention to the quality of instruction/coaching. We aim to accommodate the entire family regardless of age, ability level, choice of equipment, and competitive inclination.


Private and semi-private lessons can be booked on the day of your visit through the programs & events office on the entrance floor of the clubhouse. Lessons are one hour in duration, commencing at 10:00 am. The last lesson of the day is at 2:00 pm. Please contact Mischele our Snow Sports Co-ordinator here to book a time. 

Recreational & Competitive Race Programs

The Heights Racing Program operates within the Southern Ontario Division (SOD) of Alpine Ontario and the Canadian Ski Association and competes against other clubs within the SOD and Ontario.  We participate in the SOD (Regional Club racing) Series and O Cup (Provincial Level racing) Series of competitions. While alpine ski racing is an individual sport, we aim to foster a strong team training environment in support of all our young athletes. By utilizing the Alpine Canada “Snow Stars” program, we offer the opportunity for ALL age group skiers to develop their skiing skills and adopt a “Ski for Life culture.

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For more information, please download our "Race Handbook" here

The Heights -  Racing Program Goals

To create a “Ski for Life” culture among our athletes.

  • To build The Heights racing program into one which exceeds its membership’s expectations for safety, FUN and skill development.

  • To provide a creative outlet for young skiers to explore, challenge, and develop their skills in a positive and trusting learning environment.

  • To follow the LTAD (Long Term Athlete Development) model as described by Canadian Sport for Life initiative. Check out their website here!

  • Heights ski racers will be competitive as a result of excellence in our programs.

  • The Heights racing programs will increase membership subscriptions to the Club because parents will want their children to participate in our programs.

  • The Heights racing programs will support and supply extensive staff training. Our staff will be Certified and Licensed. Our coaches/instructors will stay current to NEW and diverse coaching methodologies.