The Heights - Ski Patrol


No snow sports facility is complete without a professional ski patrol.  The Heights is home to the only ‘All Volunteer’ patrol team in Canada. Their first aid training is recognized by WSIB and is accredited by the Human Resources and Skill Development department of the National Government. The patrol at the Heights is unique in that they take on a significant partnership role with risk management, and conduct much of the required hill and trail maintenance. They also work very closely with club management in order to ensure that safety is always the top priority at the club.

The 3-time award winning “Patrol of the Year” Heights Patrol consists of 30-35 patrollers on average, many of whom have won individual awards such as:

5 CSP award recipients

5 National award recipients

1 National First Aid Competition Team

6 Ontario division appreciation award winners

2 Ontario division First Aid Competition winning teams

Their experience speaks for itself when you consider we have 6 First Aid/CPR instructors/examiners, 2 HSFO certified AED instructors, 6 on-hill instructors/examiners, all of which were recipients of the first-ever Ontario Division Safety Award.

The fact that you are in safe hands goes without saying, but should the need ever arise, the cumulative 543 years of experience will speak for itself.