The Heights Ski & Country Club is proud to offer our members an assortment of privileges. As you set foot on the property, you become immediately aware of the family atmosphere. The children are gearing up for their lessons, parents are preparing their toddlers for their first-ever descent on the big hill, and many are inside enjoying a meal prepared by our talented kitchen staff

Members are invited to sign guests into the club on any regular operating day. An individual can be a guest at the club up to a maximum of four times per season to help us maintain the private integrity of the club. Members are required to sign their guests in at the Ticket Sales office where lift tickets can also be purchased by either the member or their guests.



Pay the purchase price in one payment. You will be required to fill out a few documents including a membership subscription form. Submit the completed forms along with payment to the office. In turn, your subscription form will be forwarded to the Board of Directors for approval. Once approval is granted you are welcome to begin enjoying all of the privileges as an Equity Member at the Heights.


We at the Heights understand that some individuals wish to try the club prior to making the purchase of an equity membership. With this in mind, we offer an Annual Membership. Annuals members are able to enjoy the same privileges as Equity Members up to a maximum of 2 years. At any time during your trial period, should you wish to become a full Equity Member, you would be required to purchase that membership from the club. Annual privileges are also limited to the Heights snow sport season only. Annual Memberships are a great way to experience the club.